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Trải nghiệm dịch vụ Tự Giặt

Trải nghiệm dịch vụ <b>Tự Giặt</b>
Our Stores are designed to enhance the customer experience. We equip our laundromat with industrial washers and dryers of different capacities, easy to use, eco-friendly and efficient. In one hour, you can wash and dry over 20 kg of garments, in a chill out store, next to your home!
A different concept of laundry…

We are far from the austere, dirty and boring laundromat… Our stores are modern, clean, equipped with security cams, safe for the customers, for his clothes and so comfortable. From the illuminated store front and welcoming entrance to the spacious waiting room, we design every aspect thinking about your comfort. Besides the free WiFi, some of stores have TV and books. Imagine: our wash and dry cycle lasts only an hour! You will have no time for boredom. And if you want to have a walk or go shopping, you can too: our washers are secured and cannot be opened while washing (for security reasons, this is not the case for our dryers. You should be on-site while your clothes are drying).Some of our stores are attended. Our staff will always be glad to help you with your washing and will introduce you to our drop-off services: FineClean for delicate garments, ironing, anti-dust-mite treatment, whitening solution… Discover the drop-off services right here (lien).Speed Queen Stores: a nice customer experience in a comfortable, modern and easy-to-use laundromat.

Speed Queen: the best laundry equipment worldwide!

Why Speed Queen Stores serve you better than any domestic washing machine? Simply because the cutting-edge Speed Queen machines wash and dry garments quicker and better than you could ever do at home. Besides, we can handle large items like comforters and huge amounts of clothes: some of our machines have a 20kg capacity! Building sustainable machines is part of our history. In 1908, our founders - Joe Barlow and John Seelig - fixed commercial washing machines to increase their potential. Since then, we introduced many innovations in our equipment, to wash better and last longer. Our machines can last decades with almost no maintenance!After 110 years of history, we know than nobody does laundry like we do. Visit one of our store and enjoy the Speed Queen experience.

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